About Us

Greendrop 3D Ltd is a designer and producer of 3D model useful in household and factories which started working in the U.K from 2017.

Furthermore, we are delighted to say in 2018 we added 3d models which are used particularly for 3d printing.


We aim to have our product be ready to print with the best quality and we do our best for our customer to be able to print easily with complete insurance.


Therefore, our shop is presenting our goods in 3 categories.

Decoration, Clothing, jewellery

Greendrop 3d Ltd is presenting its products video through YouTube providing this opportunity for customers to watch closely, so they can choose exactly what they are looking for.

The represented videos are made by Greendrop 3d team.

Greendrop 3d’s customers deserve the best and they will get it.


Although we are using the best technique, quality and services, we aim to have a lower cost for our customers.

We are delighted with their support and shopping from us encourage us to work harder for their needs and satisfaction and to show our appreciation we usually provide some discount for our loyal customers.

Having easy access to our web site is one of the keys to our success, and all our consultant and technical personnel are working hard to produce the best possible product.


Greendrop 3D Ltd.
UK, Glasgow
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